Calf Rearing

  In Bangladesh, generally 95% of dairy farmers overlook the calf rearing management. Calf rearing management is crucial as well as important to have potential productive generation with expected milk production and yearly calf production. The overall scenario is that farmers have very limited knowledge on pre and post calving management including housing, feeding, health care and bio-security measures from birth to puberty. This is happening due to ignorance of farmers and traditional practice. In practices, proper calf rearing method is missing here in Bangladesh, These shows malnutrition to calves followed by late rumen development, late maturity, late heat sign, decrease conception rate and low milk production, which results loss to the farmers. From the age of the birth to puberty, some essential ingredients like Colostrum, CMR, calf starter, Feed, forage and water are required to rear the calf ideally and help to develop the rumen and early weaning. We can help you to a adopt a ideal rearing system to increase milk productivity of dairy cows, having healthy calf attaining required body growth, and expected mammary gland development for calf through adopting the calving process, colostrum feeding, housing management, calf milk replacer and starter and Heifer feeding with right nutrient. It is crucial to have a proper feeding system which is important for the development of disease resistance and immunity as well as healthy life.

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