Winning Agro Ltd is one of the renowned organizations in Bangladesh with expertise in nutrition and rearing management is working to increase dairy productivity and to develop safe food supply chain, the organization brought various technologies, products and services in Bangladesh. We are closely working with Dairy farms, Industry, Development agencies and smallholder farmers to promote and sharing ideas of ingenious nutritional solution.

Winning Agro LTD with support from the Sloten B.V. and Trouw Nutrition of Netherlands we are implementing the Sustainable livestock farming for the Bangladeshi farmers. The major focus is concentrate on developing the capacities through on farm training of the farmers as needed, market accessibility and access to technologies to sustainability standards, access to inputs and by implementing the early calf rearing method which is the foundation for healthy and reproductive high yielding cows in later stage.
We are also focusing on diversified nutritional intake, safe food behavior, and hygiene practices by implementing the improved farm management practices and market linkages with the private sector led milk and meat supply and input chains. 
In Bangladesh we are the biggest source of Dairy farming Equipment, Dairy Plant Equipment, CMR ( Calf Milk Replacer ), Calf Starter, and Heifer Feed. We can help any size of the dairy farmers to set up their Dairy farms or the Dairy plant. 
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