Denkamilk Royal 30

Denkamilk Royal 30

Denkamilk Royal 30Denkamilk Royal 30

Denkamilk Royal 30

Complete milk replacer for rearing calves up to and 3 months/weaning 

Analytical constituents:
Crude Protein           24.0 %
Crude Fat                    18.0 %
Fibre                              0.0 %
Ash                                 7.0 %
Moisture                       3.1 %  

Skimmed milk powder, Whey powder, Refined vegetable oils, Vegetable proteins, Sugars, Premix

Instructions for use:
Has to be mixed with warm water of approximately 45 – 50 °C, as to be supplied to calves at a concentration of 125 – 140 grams per litre of mixed milk replacer. The recommended drinking temperature is 41 – 42 °C. 

Product has to be stored in a clean and dry environment, out of direct sunlight. It has to be kept away from strong odors and other contaminants.


Production Date             16-06-2019
Expiry Date                        
Batch                                     70075971
Net Weight                          25 Kg
Manufacturer                     Denkavit Nederland B.V.
Importer/distributor      Winning Agro Limited
                                               91, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue,
                                               Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215
                                               Mobile: 01711535658
                                               DLS R.N: 283
                                               AHCAB R.N: T-540
                                               "For Veterinary Use Only"
                                                 Free from Nitrofurans  & Cholormphenicol


Tolnegenweg 65, 3781 PV  Voorthuizen,
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)342479200, Fax: +31(0)342474515


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