The CalfOTel Comfort is an ideal system to breed calves between 0 and 8 weeks. Compared to the CalfOTel® Small the calf lies more protected because of the greater length. Because of the height of the box the access is better, for example when you have to help the calf with standing up.


Recently, the CalfOTel Comfort is completely re-assessed, which has led to a hutch with improved quality and convenience. The wheels are incorporated in the treshold and make it easier to tilt and transport the hutch. A teat bucket and information sheet can be placed in either of both corners, saving labour when the teat buckets need replenishing and quickly identifying the calve. Refreshing the straw is extremely easy because of the folding fences, which can be opened with one hand because of the smart locks.


Users of CalfOTel® systems confirm time and time again that their costs of labour have been drastically reduced. In other words: this pure profit!



Calf Milk Replacer (CMR)

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