DeLaval Calving Aid (Calf Puller)

DeLaval Calving Aid

DeLaval Calving Aid (Calf Puller)

The DeLaval Calving Aid has a unique rump frame which encircles the rear of the cow, making it impossible for the apparatus to slip away from the animal. It needs no extra person to hold it in place to prevent it slipping away during delivery.

The Calving Aid can be used efficiently for normal as well as abnormal presentations. It can be used when the cow is standing up or lying down and leaves both hands free to handle and reposition the calf during calving.



  • Unique rump frame with hinged fork
  • Rotating lever mechanism with robust handle
  • Durable design of pole and mechanism of stainless steel



  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Ensures a long and trouble free service
  • Greatly assists maneuvering the calf during birth
  • Leaves both hands free to assist cow and calf.

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